A Dog Park Sounds Like Music to my Ears!
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Who Are We?

The Central NY Dog Owners Group (located in Auburn, NY) is a volunteer organization dedicated to the well-being of dogs and their families. We work with the local municipalities and the legislators of the County of Cayuga…

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The County Dog Park needs your help to be built.  Why not make a personal or corporate donation to do just that. Or, maybe you have a service you can donate to the building of the park.

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What Are We Up To

We have made a brand new, easier to navigate, calendar available and, as always will be keeping you updated by Facebook and Twitter.  Check out the new calendar.

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Dogs, as with all pets, are an important part of our lives and our families. We want the best for them. We want to show them off to the World. We’d like to take them for a walk. Wait. . a walk, you say. Other than my street, where can I walk my dog? Where other than my back yard, assuming I have one, can I let my dog run and get much needed exercise? There are not many places in Cayuga County where dogs are allowed to join us ON lease, let alone OFF. That’s where the CNY D.O.G. comes in. We’re working to give your dog, and those who are simply visiting, a place to socialize, run off leash and do it all in a safe and clean environment – the Cayuga County Dog Park. Find out more about our group here. Find out what we’re doing, where and when on our Events tab. Help the Park on our Donate tab. And, by all means, tell us about you and if you are willing to help out by filling out the form on our Contact Us tab. Also, please visit our Facebook page and LIKE us and FOLLOW us on Twitter.   PLEASE NOTE:  As of August 30, 2014, this site will come down.  Please visit the CNYDOG page on Facebook for further information.
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